August 11, 2010

From Online to Reality, and Recipes Redux

Amazing food, real talents, lovely company – from blogs I admire deep down my heart.

Aug 08, 2010, it was, on a gorgeous sunny Sunday afternoon. Eleven bloggers made it to the potluck at Edith’s – with some family members, too. After close to a month of planning, I’m glad things worked out. It was worth all the efforts and time put forth to make the event a reality! The assemblage was comprised of:

Aimei, of My Baking Cottage, who brought lavender and plain shortbread, as well as pork floss-seaweed Swiss roll; (Oops, I forgot to take a small bag of the cookies home! Sorry!)

Bee Bee, of Honey Bee Sweets, who brought ban guan kuih;

Edith, of pReCiouS MoMentS, who was the host of the event and provided the crowd with beverages, including air bandung;

Grace F., of Kitchen Corner, who provided us with blueberry bakewell tartlets, as well as mini burgers that included home-made burger buns as well as beef-and-pork patties;

Jess, of Bakericious, who brought along mango pomelo sago (楊枝甘露), as well as peach konnyaku;

Josephine, of Sugar & Everything Nice, who shared with us her chicken curry that was to serve with bread;

Shirley, of køkken69, who shared with us her mee rebus;

Yan Ee, of Sweeter Side of Life, who brought along whole-wheat cookies, as well as egg sandwiches made of whole-wheat bread;

You Fei, of lovingbaking, who joined us later due to her tight schedule, which was perfectly understandable; (Hey pal, no worries!)

Me, I brought durian tarts and sablés Korova. I’d actually blogged about them earlier. (Click on the links for recipes.) In my humble opinion, I thought they are pretty good. I usually don’t repeat more than twice with a recipe. I’ve made durian tarts twice so far since February this year; I’ve made sablés Korova more than six times. With that said, they are really good! So, I decided to bring these two bakes to the potluck. (They also survive long hours of traveling, too.) If you’re interested in trying them out, be my guest!

Durian tarts
Dodol-like durian filling for durian tarts, all from scratch
Pierre Hermé's sablés Korova
The potluck lasted for close to 6 hours! I just wasn’t expecting the meet-up to run that long! I suppose without Edith and her family’s generosity in opening up her place to accommodate us all, I doubt it could last that long. It was really kind of her and her family to do so, to shelter us away from the scorching heat or possible complaints from restaurant owners for occupying their properties that long.

Now, I’m not going to talk about what went on at the potluck. If you’re keen on learning more about what we did, hop over to my fellow bloggers’ sites, as shown above, for a glimpse of what happened – and to understand the meaning of the event from their perspectives.

This Sunday’s bloggers’ meet-up wasn’t my first. To be accurate, it was my fourth. My first major one took place right at the end of Lunar New Year this year, which was initiated by blogger pal Quinn. That was a gathering among Malaysians scattered across the globe – except Bee Bee, who hails from Singapore. *LOL* After that, I got the opportunities to hang out more frequently with another two blogger friends Swee San and Tracie. Wendy came along at my third bloggers’ meet-up. It was so nice to be able to chill out with her and her daughter Lyanne from noon till close to 10 at night! Wow, I can be VERY talkative long-winded indeed! Haha!

The following Monday, I also got to meet up with Esther, of Foodies’ Kitchen, who is another fellow Malaysian in Singapore. She was among the first to drop comments on my blog when it was still “lonesome.” *LOL* She’s been very encouraging all along. I’ve learned tremendously from her when it comes to cooking. Thank you so much! Thanks a million for the company, the gifts, and for letting me try Singaporean-style shrimp (or Hokkien) noodles (新加坡蝦麵或福建麵). We don’t have that in Kuala Lumpur!

One may ask, “What gave Pei-Lin the courage to go ask around for such a meet-up among strangers?” My answers are simple: inspiration from other fellow bloggers who had done the same, the curiosity within, my interests in trying out each other’s culinary creations, as well as the eagerness to see the people I’ve been interacting with upclose and personal.

All the while, people around me who don’t blog at all or as frantically as I do perceive me as a naïve and crazy girl who’s lost touch with the real world because I interact online more, especially after work hours. They simply don’t understand how it feels like to be a blogger! I told my best friends whom I’ve known since 13, that I’d be traveling for 5 hours, from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, to meet up with strangers whom I’d not seen before but have been interacting for sometime through blogging. They simply answered, “哦,妳小心點吧!” (In Chinese: “Oh, you better be careful!”) My family was skeptical too, initially. However, what surprised me was the moment I reached home, my family was curious about the meet-up and was eager to see the photos. Somehow, I’d successfully had them persuaded. I was surprised when they didn’t say, “Oh, you came home in one piece!” *LOL*

After blogging for more than a year, I’m glad to say that blogging has brought me surprises in positive ways. In reality, I can be very quiet when a conversation lacks the chemistry needed to keep the ball rolling. When you’ve hit the green talking button within me, like I said, I can yadda nonstop. By now, are you guys convinced that I have bipolar personality? I can be terse – and cold too. One can never know. Haha!

My lesson learned: have faith and confidence in any endeavors pursued. As a pragmatist and an atheist, I also believe actions speak louder than words. Of course then, everyone’s efforts matter. On the other hand, from a psychological standpoint, faith still plays a great part in pushing us further in any pursuits in life. (No, there's nothing religious to do with what I'm trying to convey. Like I said, I'm an atheist.)

Without faith and confidence, I doubt I’d have the energy and motivation to keep pushing myself further over the last month as I mapped things out for the event, especially after work. It was exhaustive I got to admit, especially amid the many other things in life. That was why I was MIA for close to 2 weeks from blogging. Without that mysterious force called faith, I wouldn’t be able to trust the then-strangers. “I have faith in my blogger friends, I trust them,” I often say to myself. I hope they feel the same, too. I’m touched by the warm and overwhelming response they’ve been giving me.

What struck me emotionally a lot was being able to FINALLY meet up with You Fei in person after talking to her online for the last 2 years or so. Before I started blogging, she’d be a diligent listener of mine about my kitchen experiments, and vice versa. (Thank you, buddy! I was so thrilled to see you! Could you sense that, too?)

I’d like to pay my respect and give due credits to:

Quinn and Swee San, for initiating the first few bloggers’ meet-ups that I went for – it was you who inspired me into making such (crazy and ambitious) decision; 

Edith and her family, once again, for opening up your lovely home to us all for the potluck, and for having faith and trusting us even though you hadn’t met most of us before;

Shirley, who guided me through as I organized last Sunday’s meet-up – thank you so much for taking me around to shop in town, for the company, the silicone mini bundt molds and "bunny bag," as well as your Teochew taro paste dessert (芋泥);

Sonia, of Nasi Lemak Lover, who switched on the light bulb in me by giving me an idea on what to bring for our friends in Singapore – the darker and more herbal Klang bak kut teh (巴生肉骨茶) is a good choice; (I was struggling to figure out a nice gift for everyone there because Malaysia and Singapore share so much in common when it comes to culture, food and so forth. For those of you who aren’t from these two countries, check out our histories and you’ll know why.)

And all my blogger friends who made the-once-a dream of having a large food bloggers’ potluck come true! I initiated this, but without you guys, it wouldn’t happen! It was teamwork! Thank you so much! The potluck turned out to be awesome! I’ll miss you all dearly even when I’m 5 hours up north from you guys!

Before I end my long-windedness, I pledge that all you bloggers to have faith in whatever you pursue – and keep doing what you’re doing because you never know whose lives you’ll be changing the next moment – just like what you guys have had on me.


edith said...

Wow Pei Lin, this is a moving write up. Thanks for allowing me to part of your plan.

Keep on blogging.

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Edith, you're most definitely welcome! I'd like to thank you forever for the generosity and hospitality you and your family had shown. You guys are role models for me to learn from! Salute to you!! Thank you for being so supportive all along. Thank you! I'm so glad to be able to finally see you in person! You're just so fun to hang out with ... so warm ... a lovely lady! =) Stay in touch! I promise I'll make it to a point to visit you guys every year. Have faith!

Kitchen Corner said...

Dear Pei Lin,
You're such a lovely friend! A million thanks to you again and everyone appreciate very much! Hey, please teach me how to take nice pictures when we have a chance to meet up in KL, your photo shooting is wonderful. I like it!

Jess @ Bakericious said...

Pei Lin, as usual you are giving us such long write up but I like it, steal a little times to read it during office hr, just cant stop reading hahaha....

I am so glad and appreciated that you had included me in this gathering. You are such lovely and dearly friend, I am so so happy that I am able to meet you in person. Pls keep your promise ya to meet us yearly :P.

Such a waste I forgot to take the baku teh packet back. Next time bring me to buy when I am at KL ok :).

I wanna learn how to taking nice and good photos from you too, pls teach me and share tricks and tips during our next meeting. You are like a pro photographer taking such wonderful photos.

Keep in touch and take care.

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

This look really fun, I suggest you to arrange one in KL together with MY and SG bloggers, and have a potluck party like this, sound ok? Why no group photo huh?

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

@Grace F.: Hey! I have to call you Grace F. because I know too many Graces in the food blogosphre. LOL! Hope you don't mind. Oh, you're most def welcome! I'm so glad you guys responded to my seemingly crazy invite. Haha! I'm in no position to teach photography. Furthermore, only food and other still-life photography has that appeal to me. I ain't much of a nature photographer, though. I'll let you know whatever I know of. Even with P&S, you can take splendid food shots. Trust me, it's the person behind the cam that matters.

@Jess: Like I told you lor, I'm long-winded ... Haha! Wah, so nice ar ... still can read during office hours!!?? Where I work, they block so many things ... Dammit! =( ... If I'm working today ar, you won't be seeing me here during daytime. I'm a 夜貓. Haha! *Blushing* What!!?? You were the one who didn't take the bak kut teh mix!? Jo also forgot about hers, too, and I left hers with Edith for future pick-up. I couldn't figure out who was the one who didn't grab his/hers. It was you! OK, next time, I'll bring more to you whenever we get to see each other again. You come to KL for biz trip a lot, right? See how first lar har ... Eeeeeshh ... No lar, I'm no pro, just 班門弄斧. Haha! But can let you know whatever you want answered de ... Take care till then, K? Don't overtire yourself! Keep in touch! See you in the future!

Sonia: Wah, you know you saved my day! I called that man and found the bak kut teh mix!! So happy! Good things don't come easily hor ... =) ... Thank you for sharing with us the last time! My family loved the BKT, so good, tastes so authentic! Klang one some more! Well, it's easy to have things said than done leh ... Yea, it's a good idea! But then, would 10 bloggers be willing to travel all the way up from SG to KL? LOL! Accommodation is another issue. It's like our SG friends are gonna have a small tour bus to fetch them along. LOL! Speaking of human shots, I totally forgot about it. LOL! Too busy makan-ing and yadda-ing. Hahaha!

noobcook said...

looks like a happening event ... and look at all that food! :D~

Jo said...

Pei-Lin, I am out of breath just by reading .. LOL! Great post, great meetup, great people, great stories .. EVERYTHING WAS GREAT! Take care my friend and hope to see you when I am back in KL. BTW if you need any supplies, just email me ok ...

Happy Homebaker said...

Congrats for organising such a great event! I am glad that you have now made even more friends who share the same passion as your :)

faithy, the baker said...

Great post! Sounds like all of you had fun! Too bad i can't join in the fun. Weekends and public hols not a good time for me. Next time when you're here, please drop me a note and perhaps we can meet for lunch on weekday?

Honey boy said...

Hey this is such a great thing to do! All bloggers gather together and have a great feast party! Nice!

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

Your parents didn't know you're meeting ladies and not con men eh???

Eh, Swee San gave me the same bak kut teh sachet leh, the day I met her and Angie.

Hmm.. when can I have the durian tarts? Hey, did Swee San tell you about our next plan?

Y said...

Amazing. What a feast! Admittedly I'm normally more a fan of pineapple pastries, but those durian ones you made you awesome.

Swee San said...

Pei-Lin!! Oh u've been missed. when u free to meet up again ? We need to talk about our next gathering!! I hope u're not too busy with work! Thanks for mentioning me. tee hee ;)
Klang bkt is da best right.. Haahaha

ICook4Fun said...

Pei-lin, look like you guys had a great gathering. I wish some of us can join you . Yeah, Sonia suggestion is great. We should have one huge gathering between S'pore and Malaysian bloggers maybe next year. I am sure we will have a lot of fun. Let's have it in someone house rather than restaurant as we can't mingle for too long there.

Angie's Recipes said...

Pei-Lin, I think I would bring my empty stomach over! LOL! So much food!
Who was that over there with a sexy tank top taking some pictures?

Aimei said...

Pei-Lin, would like to say thanks for inviting me to this gathering. If not, I wouldn't have the chance to meet you and the rest.

Know what, I could get enough of your sables korova, I wish I had da bao more back! The durian tart is good too but I'm not that a pastry lover. I love love your sables. I'll make it one of these days. :)

homeladychef said...

Pei lin

What you said it's true!! So much food to eat and so many faces that I am eager to meet, so unfortunate that I couldn't make it this time round. :( But seeing you in person made my day! I hope you enjoy the tea and can use the honey for more shiok biscuits.

This is what we call an adventure that couldn't be possible if not you. Jia you in you job ya!

Su-yin said...

Ahhhhhhh durian tarts. Have been craving for durian recently, you're making me crave more for it! :P

Lovely write up, and I agree that it's really nice to meet up with other bloggers now and again. Hopefully one day I'll get to meet you!

pigpigscorner said...

I'm so jealous!

Chow and Chatter said...

wow how cool you got to meet everyone I hope to get a few bloggers together in India!

love Rebecca

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Pei Lin, it was good to finally meet up with you. The session was alot of fun and I hope you put all the ingredients you've bought to good use!

Jessie Hearty Bakes said...

Thanks PeiLin for sharing the updates for the gathering.
All the good food and great company! Looks lotsa fun!
Will join in next time :)

Bakertan said...

Hey Pei-Lin,

I must really salute you. You even took the effort to link all the individual food items!

For the durian tart, I can feel the amount of effort put in when you mentioned you were stirring the durian paste for a whole day. I will never day NO to anything with durians, haha. The sables korova were rather interesting. Never had such sandy and crumbly with textured chocolate cookies with a slight hint of chewiness. Thanks alot for all these and the bak kut teh! I know it will come in handy. Will blog about it when I use it. It might be my first cooking post for all you know haha.

Ok I shall not go on rambling. May you maintain your faith for blogging and love for food. jiayou and work towards ur dream! I will too.. =]

Take care and cya soon

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hahaha, yeah man, I love traveling to and fro if there are such events poping up, lol! But I am indeed fortunate to be able to know both sides of blogger...just like you Pei-Lin. ;0 Let me tell you how much I appreciate you organizing this for's beyond words! ;D Hey, I am going back California again end of the year (pretty much confirmed), let me know what you want yah? Hopefully this time round I will be able to give it to you for sure! Happy weekend gal! ;)

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Thanks you so much for dropping by! You've made my day!

@Wiffy: Yea, time flew by just like this in the blink of an eye! Couldn't believe it went on for 6 hours! Haha! It was a 10-star buffet spread! All home-made with lots of TLC! I still miss the food ... LOL! So greedy ... Hehehe ...

@Jo: Hey! Can't beat a nenek like me, SO long-winded! Haha! I'm SO happy that you could make it to the meet-up! Been wanting to see this great mind behind the blog in person! You're such a sweet, lovely lady to hang out with! I bet I'd be able to learn lots from you if we can ever cook and bake together! Yea, lemme know when you're back in KL so that we can meet up. Perhaps, we can even get other Malaysian bloggers to join us for sure. Say, you can join us for the next bloggers' meet-up next CNY. Deal! I'll buzz you by then! Oh, I lugged back quite a hoard of Valrhona choc products ... can last me through next year ... LOL! Will lug more back once I'm out of stock when I visit you guys again. But will def inform you if I need any baking stuff from SG. Thank you! Stay in touch!

@HHB: Thank you! Too bad you couldn't join us. We were all talking about you ... How we wished you were there with us ... =(

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Thanks you so much for dropping by! You've made my day!

@Faithy: Too bad you couldn't join us either ... It'd be such fun to have you with us. =( ... Yesh, I'll def let you know when I stop by SG again ... Hopefully, there will be weekdays for us to meet up! Will see how it goes ... I'm sure my pilgrimage there is gonna be an annual one. LOL! You guys are too lovely that I have to make myself there once a year! LOL!

@Honey boy: Yesh! It was awesome! Time just flew by mercilessly ... Honestly, 6 hours didn't sound enough to me ... LOL! I just wish I had the ability to freeze the moment before it slipped off my hand ... =(

@Wendy: You know what, we were all talking about you! Everyone there was so curious about this Wendy! Your name is omnipresent! LOL! You're so charismatic! Haha! I asked you to join me zor ... You didn't want mah ... I know it's kinda hard with kids around. Next time, I have to lug you and your family with me to SG, or Mike drives us there!? LOL! Erm, my family knew of that lar, but they didn't have faith in me at first. I sound bold hor? LOL! This girl 渾身是膽! Haha! Thanks to Sonia for introducing this BKT spice bag to us! Swee San should do that, since she's from Klang and some more a Hokkien nang. LOL! Trust us, the BKT is gonna be delish, very authentic! Can, can, will bring durian tarts for your family when we see each other again. I still have something from our SG friend for your girls. I'm still figuring out my schedule for the Raya season. Will let her know. No worries! I miss you leh! Haha!

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Thanks you so much for dropping by! You've made my day!

@Y: Thank you for visiting here! =D You don't like durian!? No worries, it's an acquired thing. My American friends once tried it when they toured Malaysia, they don't like it at all! LOL! Both pineapple and durian ones sound nice!

@Swee San: I'm terharu! Thank you that you all missed me! Hehehe! Too bad lar, you emailed me 2 weeks after I initiated the event. No worries, we'll have opportunities for more meet-up. I miss Tracie. =( ... Wondering if Brisbane is treating her well ... Aih ... I'm getting busier at work, esp. when my superior is back tomorrow. LOL! Die lor ... Yea lor, Wendy told me you also brought the BKT bags to her! I still prefer Klang bak kut teh, esp. with all those intestines and belly ... LOL! Sound geli hor ... But I'm Alam Flora, apa pun makan kecuali petai ... Haha!

@Gert: I asked Wendy and Swee San to join me. They couldn't. =( So, I had to be the lone ranger. LOL! Wah, that'd be a convention ... NOT a gathering! LOL! Honestly, it's easier said than done. I can't imagine, say, 10 SG bloggers traveling up to KL ... That's gonna take a mini bas persiaran to drive them up. LOL! Very challenging task! Plus, KL is WAY bigger and more chaotic than SG, up till now, I still can't think of whose house we should have such gathering at. My family is gonna relocate soon, so can't give a definite answer as of now. But we can consider that, it's gonna be a WAY more challenging assignment I can tell.

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Thanks you so much for dropping by! You've made my day!

@Angie: I can't, I'm a breakfast person. Can't skip mine! LOL! That was Edith. Sexy, right? She's one hot mama with charisma!

@Aimei: Remember what I told you at the MRT station, I've been stalking you since I was in college. That's long! LOL! You bet! I'm SO happy you could make it despite your hectic schedule. I know it's never easy to juggle with tasks when we're working full-time and overtime. =( ... Haha! It's OK, since you bake, you can reproduce sables Korova at home, right? Glad that you like it! No fleur de sel? Just use sea salt. Lemme know how yours turn out, K? Will check out your blog from time to time. Stay in touch! =)

@Pei Pei: 我都跟妳說了嘛。。。你錯過了太多好料。。。妳就差這麼一點點就可以來和我們一起大吃大喝、促膝談心。哈哈!六個小時,我的口水都乾了!其實,我也非常高興終於可和妳會面!也好,跟妳聊了三小時。妳丫,不用買這麼多東西給我的。。。我還真不好意思。。。好的,下次我會帶更多東西來給妳。嗯!我會把妳送我的茶帶去公司泡來喝的。大家加油!生活多艱辛,我們永遠撐下去!我會來看看妳的肉骨茶的哦!呵呵呵。。。

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Thanks you so much for dropping by! You've made my day!

@Su-yin: Malaysia is still having durian season! Too bad, you can't join us for that. =( ... Pahang durian is the best! Just so you know, I've also been stuffing myself with gobs of rambutan and mangosteens! =P Yea, it's so great to meet up with like-minded people who share common/similar interests! I do wish I can meet up with you, too! Lemme know whenever you're back to Malaysia for a visit. But one in Penang and one in KL, a bit tough here. We can work that out. No worries! We may have another bloggers' meet-up next Lunar New Year. Will keep you updated! Take care, buddy! =)

@Anne & Jeff: No worries! You missed out on the February meet-up since you didn't get to travel home last CNY. We can do that again next year! Will keep you updated when the time comes! It's very likely we're gonna have one end of next CNY among mostly Malaysian bloggers.

@Rebecca: Yes, it's always nice to be able to interact with like-minded people in person, not online! Simply mind-blowing! I hope you can, too! I have faith in you! When one's determined to have something achieved, he/she will for sure have the once-a-dream realized! All the best!

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Thanks you so much for dropping by! You've made my day!

@Shirley: Same here! Thanks to the Wun Mamuang that led me to your blog. LOL! It was such an honor to be able to see this great mind behind such a great blog! I thought you were gonna be a cool-looking lady, it turns out you're so WARM and sweet! =D ... Yea, you pretty much saw what I bought that day. LOL! I'll, I'm a chocoholic! Eager to try out Valrhona choc! Stay in touch!

@Jessie: The party turned out to be a success! Yes, I'll need to pull you in the next round. Probably, your next one will have to do without me, since I'm 5 hours away. LOL!

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Thanks you so much for dropping by! You've made my day!

ZY: Hey! Can't help it, I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing and publishing. What to do when I was trained to be a journalist. LOL! Thank you for being understanding! Glad that you and friends loved durian tarts! No worries, worth the efforts! Ha, now that I know you're a sucker for anything durian! Oh, your remark was similar to my American friend's! Sandy, crumbly and slightly chewy simultaneously! Glad you liked them too. Can't wait for your bak kut teh to be served. LOL! Thanks for the heads-up! I hope you and your family will Klang BKT as it's different than SG one. I think SG one is Teochew style!? Klang one is Hokkien, I think. Oops, we all have influenced you by pulling you into the cooking arena! Haha! Who knows, you may be a good cook too in no time! Your future wife is so lucky to have you! I have faith in you and so should you! We all 加油! 有志者事竟成! Take care and hope to see you soon too!

@Bee Bee: Yea, if I were you, I'd be willing to travel to and fro just for such occasions! So precious! Need to see you again! I miss your ban guan kuih! =( Yup, it's nice to get people of both lands to interact with one another! I can be Bee Bee II. LOL! Why do you get to fly to and fro between U.S. and SG? I miss my family friends there! I miss U.S. You don't have to do that for me! I already feel so bad that Reese's are still stuck with Reese. LOL! I haven't gotten around to visit Village Grocer in Bangsar. Ya know right, even KL-ites like us can get lost in KL. LOL! Bangsar is not my area ... When time allows, I'll make my way there to check VG out. But will let you know if I really need stuff from U.S. Thank you so much for the heads-up and the offer! Keep in touch! I'm already missing you and the rest! *Sigh* Happy weekend to you, too! =D

Elin said...

Pei-Lin, glad you enjoyed the bloggers meet up in Singapore and this is a great write out :) I would have enjoyed the food if I was there lol! wow all those mouth-watering signature food of Singapore famous are so lucky :) to have met them and eaten their signature food :) Thank you for sharing with us on the meet up :)

Take care ya till we meet up again the next time in KL :)

petite nyonya said...

It's so nice of you to make a trip to Spore for this bloggers meet up. It's always nice to widen your circle of friends. I wld have joined if I was still living there :)

Food For Tots said...

Wow! I'm so impressed with this meet-up organised by you. Somemore, I'm so surprised to know that you had traveled from north to south. All the food looks mouth-droolworthy! You have done a great job!! You deserve the credit!!

Magia da Inês said...

♥ Olá, amiga!
Passei para uma visitinha... amei!
Está tudo muito lindo, criativo e de bom gosto.
Boa semana!
Tudo de bom!!!♥

Cooking Gallery said...

What a delicious spread! It looks like a fun gathering, full of lovely, yummy food, what can go wrong...??

Ellie (Almost Bourdain) said...

What a great occasions!! To meet lovely bloggers and food!!! So much delicious food, I am full of envy!

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Hey folks! Sorry for the late reply! Been busy! Thank you for dropping by!

@Elin: Yea, I was lucky indeed! Hope you'll get to meet up with the, too! Am sure we'll def get to meet up in KL, probably next CNY! Take care!

@Joslynn: Yup, def have gotten to know more blogger friends in person! Let's hope we'll have another one in the future. I'll pull you in by then!

@LK: Thank you! It was fun!

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Hey folks! Sorry for the late reply! Been busy! Thank you for dropping by!

@Magia de Ines: Though I don't understand Brazilian-Portuguese, I'm assuming you're saying something good!!?? Anyway, thank you! Thanks for visiting!

@Cooking-Gallery: Yea, foods were yummy! It was a great experience!

@Ellie: Will def ask you out for a meet-up when you're back in KL! Don't need to envy! LOL!

ming said...

Hey Hey Pei Lin,

I've got to say this is by far a great food blog you have there and you kept me salivating all the way. You're very generous with your sharing of your recipe :)

Not to mention, the great write ups, interesting flow and simply interesting just to read what you blog. Continue this great passion of yours...its an awesome blog :) Cheers and have a good one

Pei-Lin said...

Yo, Ming! Totally wasn't expecting words from you on here ... Hmmm ... I am pleasantly surprised. Hahaha!

Well, I am not the only one sharing tried and tested and good recipes on the Internet. I was and have been inspired the generosity of others in sharing good stuff with the like-minded, too. =)

Haha! Oh, my god. Come to think about it, you and the other fellas are gonna be haunted by my voice at work. You still wanna cast yourself under the shadow of my voice? Even after work?! It does sound kinda scary. Haha! You sure it's worth reading? Haha!

Nonetheless, thank you so much for the kind words and for encouraging and being supportive of my endeavors. You're having great, great pursuits outside of work! Better show me when the opportunity arises! Okay?

Yep, you have a fab weekend! Rest well! Enjoy more outdoor activities, since you love such experience so much. Promised to revive the Club with you and fellow co-workers!

-- Pei-Lin

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