June 16, 2012

Three, and Growing

This blog turned three a little more than three weeks ago. (Hmm. Can I ever be on time?)

In my third year of blogging, my life was blessed with joy and surprises. I met Kenelm, my best friend, who’s been teaching me what love and patience are. (Sometimes he teaches me the art of eating, too.) I chanced upon friends with whom I’ve formed lifelong bonds, and with some of whom I share culinary passion as well as a similar understanding of life. Occasionally my heavy heart would be lifted up by the encouraging words from some readers. (Was it you? Thank you!)

A Meaningful Evening
Kenelm, me, and Ann at the Ice Bowl Taiwanese dessert parlor.

Then, late last month, I met up with Ann, a longtime reader of this blog, a fellow Malaysian who hails all the way from Vancouver, Canada. It was something I had not done before and would not have expected. She was on a business trip; her schedule was already hectic. Yet, she made the effort for a meet-up and for hauling over precious ingredients — vanilla bean paste; organic maple sugar; and organic maple syrup — across the Pacific for me. Although we’d not met previously, with Kenelm’s company, we spent around five hours snacking and, for the most part, chatting through a Saturday evening. It was a thrill to find someone who’s just as crazy as I am for cooking and baking, cookbooks and kitchen utensils, and grocery shopping. Ann, thank you so much. I’m sure we’ll meet again, on either side of the Pacific. (Oh hey, don’t forget about my durian cheesecake promise on your next Kuala Lumpur trip. I hope durians will be in season then.)

Gifts All the Way From Canada!

On the other hand, to be honest, my third year of blogging had also been rough due mainly to career instability. Even my inactivity can be felt on Twitter and Flickr, although so far I seem to fare better with the latter. Every now and again the thought of quitting blogging would resurface in my head. Nonetheless, thanks to the encouragement and surprises that I’d received, the determination and will to blog are here to stay.

Furthermore, upon introspection I realized, though they have evolved since this site was started, my reasons to blog remain simple but can at times, for myriad reasons, seem undoable. I want to keep myself writing. I want to hone my writing. I want to share my musings on life and on the kitchen. I want to stay connected with my family and friends, near and afar (that’s how they keep themselves posted anyway, though with them I prefer to keep mum about this blog). On top of that, I want to interact with the like-minded (which I did, and have been doing so). Blogging is not a competition; not a chore that will wear and bore the hell out of me; and not about high productivity. I blog at my own pace, my way.

This blog has been chronicling about my life, which intersects a great deal with food and my love of cooking and baking. It narrates how I grew from an adolescent who took on an independent life abroad and who couldn’t fry an egg; to a jobless fresh grad who discovered her culinary and writing interests; and to now a lass in her mid-20s who is struggling to seek a job in which she’ll find meaning pursuing, while still able to fiddle in the kitchen and to explore the other aspects of life that include love, kinship, and friendship.

I hope this blog will continue to see me grow. This often leaves me wonder and anticipate the future. Getting married to my best friend? Wading into motherhood? Oh well. I shall enjoy and cherish and learn from the journey, bit by bit. Wish me luck as I embark on my fourth year of blogging. More recipes to come!


Quay Po Cooks said...

Time flies my dear. 4 years just passed by ya? Congrats on the 4 year and many more to come. I totally agree with you, blogging should be fun and not competitive. My blog too is coming to 3 years next month with a blink of the eyes. I never thought I can sustain my blog for so long and have so much to write. Surprisingly, I am still enjoying it and still got plenty to write about. One of the reason why we all cannot stop blogging is probably because of the friends we made through blogging and the encouragement from them and our readers. Never let your blog be a pressure to us but a pleasure. I always enjoy reading what you write. You are a good writer and thank you for sharing so many wonderful recipes with us. HUGS and KISSES!

petite nyonya said...

hi Pei-Lin, hope you're keeping well. you write so well, so yes, it would be a waste if you stop writing here. like myself, no pressure with blogging, just do as we please at our own pace. oh yes, congrats on meeting Kennelm ;-) (wink!)

KathyT said...

Congrats!! Don't stop pppllease :)) I do enjoy ur site so very much :))

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. Please keep it up whenever you can.
Love to see what lies ahead ^.^

Pei-Lin said...

Hey, All.

Thank you so, so much on the encouraging words. They mean a lot to me.

I just have been to busy to blog lately. Will do whenever I've found a time to do so.

Again, thanks!

-- Pei-Lin

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